Here you will find the frequently asked questions about our products.

1. What does the Smart Water Flow Monitor do?

Most people are not aware of the amount of energy used in water heating. Approximately 23% of energy consumption of a 2 member household goes in water heating, most of it in the shower.

Real time feedback helps raise awareness and 3 out of 4 people take a better grip of their water consumption.

2. What does the display show?

Top row shows Instant consumption (hot+cold water).
Bottom row displays total accumulated water consumption during the day ( counter up ) or remaining amount ( counter down ) if a daily target was previously set.

3. Does the flow stop when the consumption gets to the established daily consumption target?

No, the display shows negative values.

4. What savings does the FM generate?

8-15% depending on building type. Buildings with showers (hotels, hospitals, households…) offer greater saving potential than buildings without it ( museums, offices…)

5. Technical requirements

Electric 220V AC 
Hydraulic: standard connections G 1/2″ thread
Comunicaciones (optional): RJ45 jack

6. Is the FM compatible with aerators, temporized, eco or electronic taps, flow regulators?

Yes, it complements them.

7. Does it need calibration?


8. Does it generate pressure losses?

0.04 kg/cm2 at a flow rate of 10 l/min.

9. What is the warranty period?

2 years under normal installation, use and service.

10. Does it withstand legionella tests?

Yes, up to 90ºC máx.

11. Is it for new buildings only?

Installation is much easier in new / refurbished buildings as mirrors don’t need to be replaced nor water tubes cut. But still, it can be retrofitted too.

12. Can the sensors box be assembled in any position?

Yes, vertical or horizontal.

13. Which units does the display use?

There are two options: ºC or ºK for temperature and litres or imperial gallons for the flow.

14. Can it be connected to a hi pressure water circuit?

Yes, as long as the pressure < =10B & flow < 25 l./min

15. Is the mirror special?

Yes, two way (included in the offer)

16. How much space is required behind the mirror to fit the ‘invisible’ display?

25mm (1 inch)

17. Does lime accumulate on the Smart Water Flow Monitor?

We don’t have evidence of this.

18. Does the water flow stop in case the Smart Water Flow Monitor stops working?

No. Just the display wouldn’t work but still water would flow.

19. What % lead do the brass connections have?

Under 3%

20. Does the Smart Water Flow Monitor replace the supplier water meter?

No, the Smart Water Flow Monitor measures :


-Total consumption of the dwelling.

-Only from the bathroom (usually hotels, hospitals). 

-Only from a faucet (usually public toilets). 


But in no case it replaces the water meter.

21. How do emitters and displays communicate?

Option1 :by wire. Just 1 power source is required . The 4 way wire carries power & signal.
Option 2 :by Radio frequency. Two power supplies are needed in this case.

22. Does the Smart Water Flow Monitor need maintenance?

There are no serviceable parts inside, just filters to protect the turbine blades. If the water quality is good the stainless steel filters won’t need replacement.

Please contact us through the form in Contact should you have any more queries. We’ll be glad to help. Thank you.