Energy management in hotels

Around 3-6% of a typical Hotel expenditure goes to energy bills.
89% of total water consumption is used in rooms ( the rest in laundry, bar, spa…)

Three out of four make a better use of their water consumption when they get real time feedback. The reward is not in the bill; its responsability & self satisfaction.

How? Shorter showers instead of baths. Not leaving the tap running while shaving, teeth brushing, soaping, not using the toilet as a paper bin…

Why? Because changing the planet is not someone has to do sometime. WE all need to start changing our habits.

A 1 minute shower time reduction from 9 to 8 minutes saves 2900 l./p/year

According to a large hotel chain daily room water consumption has dropped 60% in the past decade. This was possible due to electromechanical devices such as flow limiters, eco taps, temp taps, aerators…

With our Smart Water Flow Monitor we can continue this trend and save around 11% of water consumption in a hotel. Considering half of the water saved is hot, there are energy and CO2 savings associated as well.

Example: for a four star 100 room hotel, 23 Tons of CO2 can be saved/yr. 

Our Smart Water Flow Monitor does not reduce the water flow, it’s behaviour based, so customer experience & satisfaction are not compromised. According to Tripadvisor, 79% of travelers worldwide say that eco-friendly practices are important.

Return of Investment is within [2-5] years depending on water & energy prices.

Flow and temperature data can be sent to the cloud to discover user patterns and fine tune the water heaters accordingly depending on the temperature/humidity outside, month of year, % occupation.

You may also carry out benchmarking studies if you have hotels in several locations. Discover user patterns & leaks.

If you have plans of building/refurbishing a near Zero Energy Hotel, pleasantly surprise your customers and make savings…