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Smart Water Flow Monitor

Reduces the water & energy bills.

With Smart Water Flow Monitor you save money and take care of the planet.

Typical installation time required :20 minutes in a new / refurbished building.

The Smart Water Flow Monitor is designed to raise awareness of water usage in buildings and save energy.

Awareness fosters savings.

Today natural resources are more valuable than ever and according to the World Economic Forum the shortage of drinking water is the first risk factor (for health, crops, wars…)

Earth’s population is growing, specially in cities. Every second the urban population grows by two people. Every month, 5 million people enter cities. This makes city models unsustainable.

Energy and water prices have risen above the CPI (Consumer Price Index) in most EU countries.

In the Kyoto & Paris treaties the EU has committed to reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 compared to 1990 emissions. 
To this end, among other measures, the Directives for new (or renovated) buildings are stricter. Buildings must be self-sustaining (near Zero Energy Buildings).

The UN in its Sustainable Development Goals also urges urgent action to combat climate change.

Today, saving energy is not only important for our finances; we also have an ethical obligation. While service to citizens must be maintained, many public services are under pressure to reduce costs. Energy is typically the third highest cost in an organization’s operating account.

At Defcon8 we provide our know-how to help achieve these challenges.