Smart Water Flow Monitor

The Flow Monitor has two parts:

Sensors / Emitter

It contains flow meters, temperature sensors and the electronics that send the signal to the display by cable or radio frequency.

Receiver / Display

Shows water consumption and temperature, total accumulated/day. The display is placed behind the mirror and remains invisible until any tap is opened.

That's how it works:

The total accumulated consumption / day is automatically reset every morning.

Captured cold and hot water flow and temperature information can be sent to the cloud for statistical treatment. This allows you to decide on savings strategies and detect leaks. In a Hotel / Hospital it allows to make a fine adjustment of the water boiler temperature according to demand, time of day, month of the year.

It is also possible to compare (anonymously) the consumption with respect to other similar buildings (l / user or l / m2 built) to ‘learn’ other measures that have worked in similar buildings.

This is useful for hotel chains, for example.

The display can be configured in 3 ways by showing:

  1. Instantaneous consumption & water temperature
  2. Instantaneous consumption & total accumulated consumption/day
  3. Instantaneous consumption & ‘remaining’ day (for this purpose the daily consumption target must have been previously defined).

Possible hardware configurations: display units (ºC, l or K/gpm).

Technical Specifications:


Typical installation:

The flowmeters are normally placed just after the stopcocks. The connection between flowmeters & display can be wired or RF.

The installation time of the water flow monitor in a new construction/reform is approximately 20 min.

The delivery includes:

– 2 flow meters, temperature sensors, electronics

– 1 bathroom mirror (tailored to customer requirements).

– 1 power supply (2 in case of RF)

The Water Flow Monitor allows you to set a daily target consumption and monitor it during each use. This is a useful tool for families, schools, hotels, hospitals. For public buildings (offices, museums…) it is more useful to show the accumulated total/day… 

The display is integrated into the mirror and therefore does not interfere with the bathroom design style.