Defcon8 manufactures the Smart Water Flow Monitor which raises awareness and fosters a better use of water in buildings.

How it works

An ‘invisible’ display behind the bathroom mirror lits when any tap is opened showing instant and accumulated daily water consumption. Three out of four people react favourably and, as a result 8-15% water is saved depending on building type. (For example 11% in hotels). Half of the water saved is hot, so there are energy & CO2 savings associated too.

A daily consumption target can be set. In this case the display shows:

The ‘remaining amount of water’. This is especially useful when the total amount of water used is roughly known, for example a household, or a school (fix number of daily users). It engages people to achieve the target which can then be reprogrammed to tougher goals.

It fosters behaviour changes in people, does not limit water flow (which most buildings already fit) nor the time of use.

Examples of how the savings are achieved:

Shorter showers instead of baths, not leaving tap running while shaving, tooth brushing, soaping in the shower, not using the toilet as a paper bin, recycling water for the garden… a daily shower time reduction from 9 to 8 minutes saves 2900 l./p/year!

According to Water UK, daily consumption in homes without a water meter decreased by 20% after adding it.

This reduction is based purely on changing habits! In the EU buildings are responsible for 40% of energy consumption of CO2 emissions. That’s why we need to focus on nZEB . 

Flow and temperature of hot and cold water can be sent to the cloud for statistical treatment.

This enables finding behavior patterns, some leaks, and fine tune water heaters according to demand rather than having them at a fixed temperature 24/7.

Smart Water Flow Monitor

Designed to raise awareness of water use.